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            無錫市富爾盛機電有限公司是集研發 、生產 、服務于一體的中央空調風機盤管機組專業化企業 ,具有20多年的經驗。公司位于經濟發達 、景色怡人的太湖之濱江蘇無錫,東臨國際大都市上海,西向六朝古都南京,交通十分便利 。公司占地面積40000平方米,建筑面積達55600平方米 。 

            公司堅持“以人為本,技術創新”之路,與高等院校和研究所緊密協作,聘請具有強烈創新意識和能力的專業設計人員 ,先后研制生產了各類風機盤管機組、商用或家用嵌入式機組、風冷熱泵機組以及空氣處理機組,品種齊全,產品均達國家同類產品的技術標準。并且成功地將無刷直流技術應用于兩管制嵌入式室內機、四管制嵌入式室內機、壁掛機、立式明裝機、臥式明裝機和暗藏式管道機,為國內首創 。產品性能指標遠優于國內同類產品。 

            公司先后通過了ISO9001國際質量體系認證 、歐盟 CE 認證 。公司秉承“效益起源于質量,質量起源于誠信”之理念,高效率 、高品質 、低噪音,是我公司產品一貫追求。積極參與國際競爭,產品品質 、性能與國際接軌 。誠邀國內外企業與我公司攜手,以OEM或技術等形式合作,共創美好未來 。 

            Wuxi Foison Electromechanical Co. Ltd. is a major manufacturer specializing in central air conditionings end equipment integrating R&D, production and service. We have more than 20 years experience in this Industry. Located in Wuxi, a beautiful city with expanding economy and convenient transport, facing Shanghai, an international metropolis in the east and neighboring Nanjing, an ancient capital of six dynasties, our company covers a total area of 40,000m2 and the building area reaches 55,600m. 

            Sticking to “people-oriented and technical innovation”, cooperating with colleges and institutes, employing professional design talents with high creation and ability, our company has developed and produced a comprehensive range of products including fan-coil unit, commercial and domestic cassette unit, air-cooling heat pump and air treatment unit, all of which are qualified in national technical standards. Meanwhile our company is the pioneer successfully applying brushless DC technology to 2-pipe and 4-pipe cassette indoor unit, wall mounted unit, floor standing and ceiling unit and ducted air-conditioner. The performance parameters precede in domestic products. 

            The company is certified in ISO9001 quality management system and CE certification. Insisting on “efficiency comes from quality; honesty brings about quality”, we are striving for high-efficiency, good-quality and low-noise. The campany takes an active part in international competition and promotes our quality and performance to an international leading level. We sincerely welcome both domestic and abroad enterprises cooperate by OEM or technique with us, to establish a promising future together.
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